Material Handling Equipment

Our team at DSM encourages and keeps exploring ways to participate in new technologies in the Material Handling industry from time to time. Adapting to new technologies helps save time and increase product value leading to growth and development. DSM Agencies brings you once such technology.

Push Pull Attachment is a forklift attachment which allows you to load, unload and warehouse goods on slip sheets instead of pallets.

Bagged products like seed, cement, agricultural products, cased food, electronics, polymer granules, cosmetics, bottled beverages and any goods that can be palletised on a slip sheet are generally handled with a Push Pull Attachment.

Push Pull Attachment/Sheet Saver Method allows you to retrieve back the slip sheet after loading your unitised pallet in the container. This helps you reuse your slip sheets multiple time.

Slip Sheet with Push Pull Operation Video

Slip Sheet with Push Pull/Sheet Saver Operation Video

Loading and unloading goods on Slip Sheet with Push Pull Operation Video