About Us

DSM Agencies was established in the year 1996 as Distributor of engineering and protection material products. Over the years, DSM business philosophy depends on consistency, flexibility, and customer centric service. The business activities take place in close cooperation with customers to ensure smooth and quality delivery of products and services.

Our business is dedicated to the protection of Palletized loads and we constantly thrive in improving and widening our offer in anticipation of the developments in our markets.

We also provide solution to the existing system to match with the industry standards and safety norms.

We are in the market offering cost effective & environmental friendly solutions and modernized system products to ensure efficiency, safety of cargo, safety of warehousing, transportation needs, and end use.

Our Core

Company Overview

DSM is a solution provider and has been present in the market for Anti Skid Paper and Glue (Grip Fix) used for the protection of palletized loads since 2012. We represent French and a German Company in India for these solutions of pallet stability and pallet replacement. Our solutions are proven and supplied worldwide by our principals.

Our business is 100% dedicated to the protection of Palletized loads, which means that we are able to work every day on improving and widening our offer in anticipation of the developments in our markets. With more than 10 years’ experience in this field, our company provides non-slip solutions to manufacturing industries, supply chain and warehouses. We have built our development and reputation on the excellence and exclusive nature of our technology and on the commitment of our teams to support our customers on a daily basis in their efforts to reduce their packaging waste.

Established in the year 1996, DSM Agencies has emerged as an innovating solution provider by distributing interesting products and reducing the problems for customers. Since then DSM has served a number of customers in the FMCG, Pharma, Petrochemical, Cement, Textile industries and in other industries which require logistics, warehousing and supply chain solutions. Over the years, DSM business philosophy revolves around value addition by problem solving, flexibility, and customer centric service.

DSM Agencies Pvt Ltd is run by young people who are solution driven and motivated to add value to customers and not try to sell our products as commodities. We are striving hard to earn a place in the customers' minds as a business unit which can solve their problems and ease their functioning and improve the efficiency and profitability.

DSM Agencies's head office is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. DSM is expanding its operations to the other parts of India.

DSM Agencies focuses on its endeavour into becoming the most preferable and sought after company for the logistics, supply chain and warehousing needs of any industry by maintaining efficiency in its services towards existing and upcoming customers.


To grow into an innovative solution provider to many a problems faced by customers in any industry needing supply chain, logistics and warehousing services and thereby reducing problems and increasing efficiency and profitability for our customers.


To be known to simplify the logistics, supply chain and warehousing part of any industry by understanding its weaknesses, obstacles and providing the right solutions.


  • To offer services and solutions as practical as possible.
  • To maintain an entrepreneurial attitude which is a win-win for all.
  • To learn, adapt, innovate and grow.
  • To be reliable.
  • To perform social responsibilities.